How To Have a Good Day Everyday

Say good bye to bad days.


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Tired of having bad days? This post gives you helpful tips on how to have a good day everyday.

Ever had one of those days?

You know, one of those days.

When you wake up in the morning and just don’t feel excited to start the day.

And it’s not that you didn’t sleep well… in fact, you’re not really tired — but you lack the energy and motivation to get anything done. 

You go through the day feeling blah, being blah, doing the bare minimum.

Then, night time comes around and you’re so ready for the day to be OVER.

Raise your hand if this has been you, ever.

amanda seyfried raise hand GIF

I see you.

That makes two of us.

But don’t worry — it’s possible to change that.

Why we sometimes feel bad when we wake up

Feeling bad in the morning can be the result of so many different things.

Sometimes it’s because we feel a little under the weather, sometimes it’s a weird dream that leaves us feeling unsettled.

Sometimes it’s because we don’t feel rested enough, other times, it’s the fact that we have to do something we dread that makes us what to stay in bed and keep on sleeping.

Sleepy Sailor Moon GIF
Sleepy Sailor Moon GIF

The reasons are truly endless.

However, a common reason we feel bad when we wake up is that we don’t feel like we got enough sleep.

Going to bed late and having to get up at the usual time can make us feel terrible.

Then, when our body isn’t well-rested, it becomes very difficult to find the motivation to get out of bed and get work done.

By making an effort to go to bed earlier, we can help ourselves to feel a lot better in the morning and start a domino effect to have a good day.

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Now, let’s get right into the tips!

How to have a good day everyday

Whenever I have one of those lame, not-so-fun days, it always reminds me of that phrase about ‘waking up on the wrong side of bed’. 

Of course, this phrase isn’t literal (unless you’re from version of the Princess and the Pea) but it points to the idea that where, when and how we wake up in the morning can have an effect on our entire day. 

tired audrey hepburn GIF
tired audrey hepburn GIF

Here are eight things you can add to your morning routine to increase your chances of having an great day, every day:

1. Give thanks

When you wake up in the morning, it’s easy to immediately think about everything you have to do, about how much you don’t want to go to work or school, to worry about what the day holds or to overthink that bad dream you had last night.

Thinking about these things can definitely upset us and ruin our whole day.

Sad Oh No GIF by juliaveldmanc
Sad Oh No GIF by juliaveldmanc

However, it’s important that we are mindful of what we think about as soon as we wake up. 

Purposefully thinking positive thoughts when you wake up is a good way to avoid having a bad day.

One way to think positive is to express gratitude for all that you have.

Every day that you wake up and every breath you take is a reason to be grateful!

Even that job you hate or class you can’t stand. It may be hard to think of them that way, but they are reasons to be grateful too.

Instead of complaining about what you have to do, think about all the things you get to do

Whether you do it through prayer or by writing in your journal, giving thanks is a great way to boost your mood in the morning by reminding yourself of all you have to be thankful for.

Gratitude is the healthiest of all human emotions. The more you express gratitude for what you have, the more likely you will have even more to express gratitude for.

– Zig Ziglar

2. Put your phone DOWN

These days, most of us depend on our phones to wake us up rather than using a traditional alarm clock. 

And that’s fine! 

But a problem arises when we don’t put our phones down after turning off that alarm.

It’s so easy to get sucked into the world inside our phones right after we wake up.

We get tempted to get on social media, check our emails or get distracted by something else. But it’s important that we avoid using our phones as soon as we get up.

All these distractions prevent us from setting our own tone to the day. And they can affect our mood without us even realizing it.

We see a photo of someone on vacation then suddenly don’t feel excited about going to work anymore. 

Or maybe it’s a negative news headline that really saddens or annoys us.

There are lots of subtle ways that our phones bring us negative feelings that can last the whole day. And many times we never make the link between the two!

Instead of diving into your phone as soon as you wake up, put your phone down

Give yourself time to take in the day, to appreciate the sunshine or rain of the morning. 

Start your day at your own pace.

You’ll feel a lot better throughout the day.

If you think you’ll have difficulty resisting the urge to check your notifications once you pick your phone up, try using an alarm clock like this one so you can leave your phone alone.

3. Drink a glass of water

Water is life. 

And there’s a good reason that statement has been around for years and years — it’s because it’s true! 

Water has loads of benefits for your body, mind and mood.

Starting your day with water will flush out any impurities from your system and give your body an energy boost.

Water is also known to reduce sugar cravings and headaches and even to manage anxiety! 

So before you grab a cup of tea or coffee, try a glass or two of water

4. Choose your mantra for the day

One of my best tips for having a good day is to choose a mantra

According to, one definition of a mantra is a statement or slogan that is repeated frequently.

When you wake up, choose a statement that you what to remember throughout the day.

What you choose could be a quote, bible verse or even a song lyric!

The key is that it should be something positive that will inspire, empower or simply remind you to be kind or patient throughout the day.

Life is unpredictable and sometimes unexpected things happen that can ruin your day if you’re not careful.

A good mantra will serve as a reminder throughout the day not to let those annoying things get to you.

You can choose a new mantra every day, week, month or year. The choice is yours!

Mantra ideas

Positive mantra ideas to say throughout the day

5. Plan your day

Many times we conclude that a day was a bad one because we didn’t accomplish the things we wanted to. 

An unintentionally unproductive day can really suck, especially when deadlines are soon and you start to feel stressed and overwhelmed as work piles up. 

One way to avoid the negative feelings that come with being unproductive is to plan your day.

Use a planner like this one or a to-do list to outline your top priorities for the day as well as other tasks you’d like to complete. 

If you prefer to do this at night, that’s fine! Just be sure to go over your plan for the day in the morning.

Doing this will help you keep the most important tasks in mind which helps you to focus. 

At the end of the day, you will feel a sense of accomplishment knowing you made good use of your time.

6. Stretch

After sleeping in the same position for almost 8 hours straight, it’s a good idea to get up and move your body.

However, some of us (like me) may find it difficult to jump right into a workout just after waking up. 

A healthy alternative is to simply stand up and stretch! 

You can opt for yoga or choose some simple stretches to do every morning when you wake up.

Not only will this improve your flexibility and your posture, but it’ll also increase your energy leaves by increasing circulation around your body.

More energy means you’re more excited and ready to take on the day — increasing your chances of having a good one!

7. Have a good breakfast

Did you know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day?

And rightly so!

The word breakfast comes from the two words ‘break’ and ‘fast’ and it literally means to break the fast your body was doing for hours during the night! 

When you skip breakfast, it’s like trying to drive with an empty tank… eventually your car will stall

Don’t do that to your body!

You may not have the time to prepare something ‘fancy’ every morning, but make an effort to at least have a fruit, smoothie, or some oatmeal.

Nourishing your body with a healthy breakfast will give it the energy it needs to start the day.

You’ll also be less hungry! (And we all know that hunger can be distracting and can put you in a bad mood — fast).

So eat something delicious and filling in the morning to start off the day in a good mood.

8. Plan a treat

It’s always a good idea to plan a treat for yourself everyday.

It doesn’t have to be fancy, simply giving yourself permission to watch your favorite show, bake cookies or take a comforting bath is enough!

Incorporating some form of self-care into your daily routine is an easy way to feel good every day.

Purposefully planning a treat gives you something to look forward to and can put a smile on your face.

Just knowing that you have something special planned for yourself can be enough to help you to face challenges as they come and to have an overall great day.

streaming the flintstones GIF by Boomerang Official
streaming the flintstones GIF by Boomerang Official

9. Make it a habit

As usual, my final tip is to make it a habit!

To increase your chances of having a good day more often, you need to do these steps often.

Maybe you already do some of these, maybe you don’t. Either way, pick and choose some habits to slowly incorporate into your morning routine. Then do them everyday!

Using a habit tracker is a great way to create and build positive morning habits.

Click the link below to download a copy of my weekly habit tracker for FREE!

Free weekly habit tracker


Despite the way we feel when we wake up, there are lots of things we can do throughout the day that can determine if we have a good day or not.

However, the morning is the best time to start!

By following the tips mentioned above, your can start your day the right way every day and skyrocket your chances of having a good day.

What are some things you do to have a good day? Let me know in the comments!

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