Christian Wallpapers To Transform Your Boring Phone

You won’t want to stop looking at your phone


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Looking for a Christian wallpaper for your android phone or iPhone? This post brings you some of the best cute and aesthetic Christian wallpapers to transform your phone.

Benefits of a Christian Wallpaper

The purpose of a wallpaper isn’t just to make your phone look cute or aesthetic.

According to, the average smartphone owner unlocks their phone 150 times a day. From this statistic, we can also assume that the average smartphone owner sees their phone wallpaper about 150 times a day.

Because you see it so often, your phone wallpaper can have a huge impact on you throughout the day.

You can use your phone wallpaper as a way to bring a smile to your face, remind you of certain things, and improve your mood.

For a Christian, your phone wallpaper can be used to remind yourself of Bible verses, gospel song lyrics, and Christian quotes you like.

It could also be used as a prayer trigger — a way to remind you to pray. I talk about that more in this post.

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In summary, here are 3 benefits of having a Christian wallpaper on your phone:

  • Remind you of God and His Word throughout the day
  • Encourage you to be more loving and kind
  • Improve your faith and confidence with Christian affirmations

Aesthetic Christian Wallpapers For Your Phone

You won’t want to stop looking at these aesthetic wallpapers.

Simple Christian Wallpapers For Your Phone

If you like a simple and classic look, you’ll love these wallpapers.

Bible Verse Christian Wallpapers For Your Phone

These wallpapers will remind you of some of the most encouraging Bible verses throughout the day.

Black Christian Wallpapers For Your Phone

Like a dark look? These wallpapers are all-black and classy.

Cute Christian Wallpapers For Your Phone

Aren’t these wallpapers just adorable?


A Christian wallpaper is a great way to remind yourself of God’s love, promises and goodness. These wallpapers are also a great way to remind yourself to live life in a way that is pleasing to God.

In this post, get the best Christian wallpapers for your iPhone or android phone.

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